Monday, January 31, 2011

Problem Installing ACAD 2011 (From the Revit Arch Suite)

Hello everybody... I know that this is not a Civil 3D topic but all the installations problem are important, so in case that you come across something like this you know how to make it work...
We were experiencing an installation error try to install AutoCAD 2011 from the Revit Arch Suite packet on Windows 7 64Bit OS, the installation was failing because it wasn't able to install DirectX 9.0, this is one of the requirements to any Autodesk software.
There are many suggestions as workarounds. Here is what we did...
1. Re-starting the computer in "Safe" mode and then run the DirectX 9.0 package. 'Safe' mode should prevent any applications from accessing the DX9 files and putting them in use.
2. Try running install but this time running from a newly setup user account that has full administrator permissions. This may correct the issue if it is due to a corrupt Windows user profile.
3. You can, copy the DVD content on C or in the network to run the installer locally, Autodesk suggested to modified the Setup.ini file commenting out the prerequisite for DirectX 9.0 so that the install will run successfully, but we left it as it was and run the installer normally resulting in a successfully installation of the software.

Hope this can help you in some way...