Friday, June 20, 2008

Really Important News!!!

Hi everyone... As problably you had heard, yes it is true, AutoCAD Land Desktop is going to be Discontinued...
Due to the decreasing demand for AutoCAD Land Desktop software and the increasing use of AutoCAD Civil 3D software in production, AutoCAD Land Desktop 2009 and AutoCAD Civil 3D - Land Desktop Companion 2009 software will be the final releases of the Land Desktop product.
But customers with current subscription will continue to receive subscription benefits to support legacy workflows for AutoCAD Land Desktop-based projects, AutoCAD Civil 3D software subscription customers can download AutoCAD Civil 3D - Land Desktop Companion via Subscription Center. This will include:
- Land Desktop Companion 2009
- Land Desktop Companion 2008
- Land Desktop Companion 2006 and 2007
And the Land Desktop Companion product will no longer be included in the AutoCAD Civil 3D software box.
But not everything sounds that bad, Autodesk is coming out with another software which is a Light version of AutoCAD Civil 3D and it will be called AutoCAD Civil, this version will be available later on this year. OK, What does this mean to all of us???. Here is a comparison table between both softwares, so you could have an idea of what is coming soon... I'm really excited to see Autodesk new babe and what this new solution can do for us...

Monday, June 16, 2008

Civil 3D 2009 stuff... Just in case... Good to know!!!

Hello everyone.... As usual, I'm always trying to help you with the little issues that you probably can run into. At this time I would like to give you a heads up about two things that I found and they call my attention...

The First one is that on the Inquiry Command toolbar for Civil 3D 2008 and 2009 you will find that if you call it from the Map menus (MapClassic and Map3DGoespatial) some of the commands that this toolbar has will not work, so to fix it is really simple, go to the Customize User Interface (CUI) and just copy and paste the macros from the Civil Source...

The Second of them, is a little marker that looks like a flower that probably you have seen in your drawings, that rescale by itself every time that you do a zoom... if you have seen it, yes it can make you crazy... This little marker is called Geographic Marker and what happen is that by default Civil 3D 2009 has it setup to be in your drawing once you assign Coordinate System to it... How can you make it disappear? simple, just type GEOMARKERVISIBILITY on your command line and change the value for <0>...

Controls the visibility of geographic markers.
(0) Geographic marker is not visible
(1) Geographic marker is visible

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Draw Order Toolbar Problem in Land and Land Companion 2009!!!

Hi everybody!!!... At this time I would like to let you know about a little problem with the macros on the Draw Order toolbar of AutoCAD Land Desktop and AutoCAD Land Desktop Companion 2009, so here it is a video that will help you fix it. Just in case that you are not able to see the macros really clear, here are the steps for you to follow...

Type CUI on your command line and click enter... the Customize User Interface will open, once in there you will look for your draw order commands and fix the macros one by one... please replace what is in everyone of them for these...
Bring to Front = ^C^C^P(ai_draworder"_f")^P
Sent to Back = ^C^C^P(ai_draworder"_b")^P
Bring Above Objects = ^C^C^P(ai_draworder"_a")^P
Sent Under Objects = ^C^C^P(ai_draworder"_u")^P