Friday, July 22, 2011

Have you seeing this Autodesk Site Before???

Hi there... Autodesk has a new support site for all of us.... It's call Autodesk - WikiHelp ...
Go ahead and check it out, they have a tons of information and it is product related...
Have a great searching experience.... and let them know what you think about it...

Friday, July 1, 2011

AutoCAD Civil 3D 2011 Update 2... Is Out!!!

Hi everybody... In a continuing effort to provide high quality products, Autodesk has released AutoCAD Civil 3D 2011 Update 2, which fixes or addresses a variety of issues discovered by customers and by Autodesk's internal testing team.
AutoCAD Civil 3D 2011 Update 2 contains the fixes included in AutoCAD 2011 Update 2 and AutoCAD Map 3D 2011 Update 2.
You MUST first have AutoCAD Civil 3D 2011 Update 1 installed prior to installing this update.