Sunday, June 1, 2008

Draw Order Toolbar Problem in Land and Land Companion 2009!!!

Hi everybody!!!... At this time I would like to let you know about a little problem with the macros on the Draw Order toolbar of AutoCAD Land Desktop and AutoCAD Land Desktop Companion 2009, so here it is a video that will help you fix it. Just in case that you are not able to see the macros really clear, here are the steps for you to follow...

Type CUI on your command line and click enter... the Customize User Interface will open, once in there you will look for your draw order commands and fix the macros one by one... please replace what is in everyone of them for these...
Bring to Front = ^C^C^P(ai_draworder"_f")^P
Sent to Back = ^C^C^P(ai_draworder"_b")^P
Bring Above Objects = ^C^C^P(ai_draworder"_a")^P
Sent Under Objects = ^C^C^P(ai_draworder"_u")^P