Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Alternative Design and Resources...

Hi everybody... For some of you who are looking to learn how you can create an Intersection or a Complex Corridor, I saw last week (September 21, 2007) a really interesting webcast call Alternative Road Design Tactics Using AutoCAD Civil 3D 2008. In this webcast they show a different way to create Intersections using just alignments. At the same time I invite you to go and look under Useful Links!!! on this page, so you can check and have access to all the information that Autodesk has available to you for free. You will find places where you can download lots of information and it will make your learning process more easier...
So go and check it out:
AutoCAD Civil 3D - Resource Center
Civil 3D Webcasts - General Civil 3D
Civil 3D Webcasts - Road & Transportation Design
Civil 3D Webcasts - Production Drafting