Monday, April 25, 2016

Microsoft "Run as administrator" and Autodesk software issue

Hi everyone... In previous versions of Windows, you had to use an administrator account to do certain things, such as changing system settings or installing software. If you were logged on as a limited user, the Run as command eliminated the need to log off and then log back on as an administrator.

Since Windows 7, the Run as command has been changed to Run as administrator.

In Windows 8.1 and Windows 10, it seems that something changed on the permission protocols of Windows and if you launch your Autodesk software with " Run as administrator " you will run into some issues.

- The first one of them is the inability to Drag and Drop files into the application because this function is prohibit, like SHP files to name some of them in AutoCAD Civil 3D or Map 3D or any type of drag and drop data in InfraWorks 360. (Video)

- The second one is the inability to access your Mapped Network Drives from within the software, because they don't show under the Microsoft Explorer tree. (Video)

Here is the link to my original post from the Autodesk Knowledge Network