Monday, April 6, 2015

Autodesk InfraWorks 360 2016...What is new!!!

Hi everybody...  Please find here some information from the Autodesk InfraWorks 360 Help regarding What's New in Autodesk InfraWorks 360 March 2015 Release or as we like to call it ADSK InfraWorks 360 2016:
Model Builder

Model Builder now offers the option to use a shapefile (SHP) to specify the area of interest. See To import a polygonal area of interest for model builder

Drainage Design Updates

Drainage Design adds outfall pipes and structures to a drainage network. The tool also spaces inlets based on analysis and allowable spread when creating the network. See About Pavement Drainage.

The Size Pavement Drainage tool:
  • Provides size and slope for capacity from the crest of the roadway network to the outfall location.
  • Sizes manholes based on connected pipes.
  • Adjusts pipe diameters and their slopes as well as underground structures to accommodate changes to the pavement drainage network.
  • Adjusts affected pipes if you move an outfall to a new location.

Upgrades to Drainage Design analysis include:
  • Inlet analysis: Analyze surface drainage performance between two inlets. View inlet capture, spread, and bypass in the model and view analysis information including the inlet efficiency rating on the asset card. Analysis results update as you change the size or location of an inlet. See To analyze surface drainage between inlets.
  • Inspect Performance: Analyze hydraulic and energy grade line performance of the network. View surcharged pipes and flooded manholes. See To inspect the hydraulic performance of a pipe run.

Bridge Design Updates

The Bridge Line Girder Analysis (Preview) performs analysis and design checks on the pre-stressed girders on your bridges. For more information, see About Line Girder Analysis (Preview).

Send your bridge and other InfraWorks 360 model objects to AutoCAD Civil 3D by referencing a local InfraWorks 360 model or an IMX file that you exported from InfraWorks 360. For more information, see About Exchanging Data with AutoCAD Civil 3D.

Land Areas and Grading (Preview)

The new Land Area terrain feature provides an easy way to define horizontal, flat areas for building sites, parking lots, airport sites, and so forth. Land areas flatten the terrain surface, provide sharp corners, and cut and fill grading styles at the perimeter. See To add or modify land areas (preview). Drag and drop grading styles from the grading section of the Style Palette. See To apply styles to individual features.

Traffic Simulation and Animation (Preview)

Analyze traffic flow through intersections, display color-coded traffic analysis results, and generate traffic simulation animations to play in your model. See About Traffic Simulation (Preview).

Point Cloud Enhancements

Point cloud performance and theming have been improved. Two new point cloud theming analysis types are available: Intensity and Elevation + Intensity. See To theme point clouds. In addition, two new options enable you to adjust point size and density for point cloud data. For more information, see About Options
Web Viewer Enhancements (Preview)

The Web Viewer now enables you to publish an entire model and view scenarios in the context of the entire model. The model is now presented in a high-quality prerendered view in browsers on PC and tablets. The viewer opens to a portal that matches your InfraWorks 360 Home and provides search and sort of model thumbnail tiles. For more information, see About the InfraWorks 360 Web Viewer.