Monday, November 25, 2013

Excel Spreadsheet OLE Objects in AutoCAD…

Hi everybody… This is a conversation that I had more than once in last week…
Some customer are having issues trying to link an Excel spreadsheet as an OLE object in AutoCAD using the OLE Object insert command INSERTOBJ.
Using this command they can’t seems to control the area that they are trying to show, so the display of the information showing is incomplete most of the time.
Here is what I do to make it work:
1. From within Excel, Select the area that you want to show in AutoCAD
2. From AutoCAD -> Home Tab -> Clipboard panel -> Paste Special
3. Paste link -> Microsoft Excel -> Worksheet and click OK
To edit use the OLELINKS command so you can change the source range using the "change source" box.
Doing it like this, you will stay link to the original document so any change that you make to the Excel document will automatically shows on AutoCAD, and also works the other way around. 
Enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving to all!!!