Thursday, March 24, 2011

Civil 3D 2011 Installation problem!!!

Hi there... I being really active lately, well this time is about a problem that I faced with one of our customer.... He wasn't able to install his AutoCAD Civil 3d 2011 on his office workstations with Windows 7 Professional 64Bit....
The installation wizard was giving him the following errors, and the installations was failing...
How I work around it was like this...
- Have the administrator try running the installation.
- Disconnect the mapped drive.
- Use the SUBST command from an MS-DOS prompt to map the invalid drive to the temp folder on drive C. (Start -> RUN -> subst U: c:\temp)
For example, to map an invalid drive T to the temp folder on drive C, enter subst U: c:\temp at the MS-DOS prompt.
Run the installation back again, pay attention and check your setting just to double check that in effect you are installing the software in your C drive, and when it finish, please remember to delete the invalid drive.
- To delete the mapping, enter subst U: /d at the MS-DOS prompt.(Start -> RUN -> subst U: /d)
Hope this can help you in case that you run into some like this!!!!