Friday, October 1, 2010

This is a GOOD reason why you should be on Subscription!!!

Hi there... Being a Customer on Autodesk Subscription it has multiple benefits like...
1. Cost-Effectiveness: Saves you money, it is a cost-effective way to keep up-to-date, great value over time.
2. Predictable Budgeting: Improve cash forecasting, and the possibility to include subscription fees in project estimates and billing.
3. Technology Upgrades: Always have fast access to the latest versions made available during the term of your contract; major releases and/or extensions between major releases.
4. Web Support direct from Autodesk, provides fast, complete answers to technical questions.
5. e-Learning Self-paced, interactive lessons, featuring hands-on exercises, with an option to use a simulation instead of the software application and built-in assessments to identify skills gaps.
6. Technical Knowledgebase, a comprehensive online resource. Advanced search filters and personalized search capabilities give you fast access to the most relevant solutions.
7. Flexible Licensing Terms: Members are entitled to use previous versions of the software concurrently with the upgrades. Flexibility to use the license in the office or at home.
8. Autodesk Subscription Center Password-protected portal that gives members quick access to many features and to the administration of the contract.
9. Simplified License Management Tools: Via Subscription Center, members can view coverage and renewal reports, provide users access to included services, update contact information and learn about exclusive members –only offers.
10. Exclusive Community Access: to a wealth of resources and exclusive, subscriber-only privileges to keep you connected to Autodesk executives, technical experts, and developers. Early access to new technology, invitation to webcasts, preferred subscriber status at Autodesk events.

So here is a pic of what you can have access to... take a look at this videos...
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