Friday, June 18, 2010

Digging into some new AutoCAD functionality… Text Custom Linetypes!!!!

Hi everybody, is been a while since my last post, well at this time I have something really cool to talk about. Sometimes we have the need to create a new custom linetype to denote different lines in our drawing, like water lines, gas lines, fences, etc… For those of you that have some text custom linetype, here is something that you will love.
When we talk about text custom linetype we have a lot of thing that we need to think off, like Text Styles, Scale, Rotation, X offset, and Y offset. Probably the rotation is being the most painful one, because is not the same to draw a line for left to right, that for right to left…. So we end up with things like this…

Here is how this line looks like until ACAD 2010
*DDS_CAD,DDS line ---- DDS---- DDS ---- DDS ---- DDS ---- DDS ---- DDS --

But now in 2011 Autodesk did something really nice for us… they change the rotation parameter, and give us the ability to manipulate this factor in a different way, introducing U and A, beside the original R, but what this mean to us… well…
R= specifies relative or tangential rotation with respect to the line.
U= specifies upright or easy-to-read text.
A= specifies absolute rotation of the text with respect to the origin; that is, all text has the same rotation regardless of its position relative to the line.
So in any AutoCAD-Base software, this is how will look my custom text linetype now…

Here is how this line looks like in ACAD 2011
*DDS_CAD,DDS line ---- DDS---- DDS ---- DDS ---- DDS ---- DDS ---- DDS --

Where is this file???... here is the location on Vista and Win 7

C:\Users\Your User Name\AppData\Roaming\Autodesk\C3D 2011\enu\Support\acad.lin

Hope that this will be helpful for you… now have fun creating your text custom linetypes...