Friday, August 1, 2008

How can I improve the performance of my machine working with Civil 3D 2009!!!

Hello everybody… I’m pretty sure that you came across to this situation before… Why is my computer so slow???... Well, here's a couple of suggestions that probably will help you to improved the performance of your machine…
The first one will be… go to Options… on the Display Tab, under Window Elements, uncheck the ToolTips option, in this way you will not have them displayed every time that you go over a toolbar.On the Selection Tab, under Selection Preview, uncheck the option When no command is active, doing this the software will not highlight every element when you are moving your crosshair over the objects on your drawing. Now on the Open and Save Tab, under File Safety Precautions, uncheck the Automatic save option… I know you're probably thinking … “NO, I CAN’T DO THAT, SHE IS CRAZY”…. Well, I guess that if you are afraid to do it, you could set it up to a big number like every 60 mins, what happen is actually the software manage to do the auto save when another command is running, if your drawing is to big this could crash your application.Another tip: In the new 2009 software, Autodesk has incorporated the Quick Properties option under the Status Bar, this option is really useful, because it allow us to display the properties of an object like: type, color, layer, linetype, and others when you select or get on top of the object. Unfortunately this is a dynamic tool that uses some memory because it is constantly looking for information, my recommendation is to turn it off.And last but not least, for those of us that like to work with the Layer Properties Manager opened, I don’t know if you have noticed that in 2009 there is not an Apply or OK button anymore, what this means is that actually the Layer Manager is Dynamic, every change that you make will take place automatically, so if you are no using it, it is better to keep it closed , because if it’s always open it’s going to check the layers to see if something have changed and this will slow down your computer a lot… Hopefully this suggestions will help you!!!